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    Leveraging connections for competitive advantage

Our Strengths

Value creation

A key advantage of an EdgeStone investment is the close working relationship EdgeStone cultivates with its portfolio companies. The EdgeStone team members take an active role in supporting management in the development and advancement of their portfolio companies through the use of their extensive networks and operating and other expertises. As a result, EdgeStone members are often valued by portfolio companies as more strategic than financial partners.

Fundamentally and materially improving the performance of portfolio companies

EdgeStone professionals have considerable experience in creating, operating, advising and growing North American businesses. EdgeStone believes that, among middle-market private equity managers in Canada, its ability to work closely with management to improve performance in its portfolio companies is unrivaled.

EdgeStone works closely with its management teams, beginning during the due diligence process and continuing throughout the life of the investment, to:

(i) Prepare and implement comprehensive strategic and operating plans.
(ii) Improve profitability by increasing sales effectiveness and identifying and realizing cost efficiencies.
(iii) Decrease capital employed in the business through effective balance sheet and working capital management.
(iv) Identify and pursue growth opportunities through internal strategic initiatives and, where appropriate, add-on acquisitions.

Experienced team

We've assembled a professional, entrepreneurial team with complementary skills including investing and operating experience, as well as financial and transactional capabilities. The group works closely with management of its portfolio companies to realize the full potential of each investment.

Alignment of interests

Alignment of interests is a fundamental principle at EdgeStone. Our investment professionals are direct investors in our funds. Similarly, the managers of our portfolio companies have significant ownership stakes in their businesses. This consistent alignment of interests is an important element of our long-term investment success.

Consistent, high quality deal flow

EdgeStone's reputation as proactive business partners with high integrity makes us the financial partner of choice for many high potential mid-market companies. Our network of well connected strategic and business partners supplements the strong deal flow directly generated by the EdgeStone investment professionals.

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