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Edgestone Capital Partners

EdgeStone Capital Partners is one of Canada’s leading private equity firms. Since inception, EdgeStone has raised in excess of $2 billion from institutional and high-net-worth clients, across a range of private capital vehicles including private equity, venture capital, mezzanine debt, and energy funds, as well as a fund-of-funds.

Today, EdgeStone’s strategy is focused on its private equity business. EdgeStone provides capital, strategic direction, and business and financial advice to carefully selected mid-market (and select start-up) businesses with high attractive risk-adjusted return profiles. EdgeStone partners with proven and experienced senior management teams, and leverages the resources of its broad business network, to build market-leading businesses via both organic growth and acquisition strategies. EdgeStone strives to ensure a high alignment of interests amongst all stakeholders to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

As of December 31, 2015, since inception EdgeStone’s private equity investments have generated an IRR of XX% and [2x] multiple of investment on realized investments, and an IRR of YY% on realized and unrealized investments.

1920 Yonge Street Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M4S 3E2 Tel :     416-860-3740 Fax :    416-860-9838 Email : info@edgestone.com